第二章 刚性与柔性


Now the integrated circuit has reduced by many times the size of the computer of which it forms a part, thus creating a new generation of portable minicomputers.


The kaleidoscope of shifting interests of the nations during the negotiation made it impossible to sort out the “winners” and “losers”.


A few stars are known which are hardly bigger than the earth, but the majority are so large that hundreds of thousands of earths could be packed inside each and leave room to spare; here and there we come upon a giant star large enough to contain millions of millions of earth.




One will never stop until one reaches one?s goal./Ambition never dies until all is over.


She is a pretty girl with an oval face, deep dark eyes and long heavy clinging tresses.

许多房子,盖着琉璃瓦,曲曲折折,无数的朱红栏杆。(吴敬梓:《儒林外史》) Many houses were roofed with glazed tiles and set within winding red balustrades.

第三章 形合与意合


All was cleared up some time later when news came from a distant place that an earthquake was felt the very day the little copper ball fell.


When I try to understand what it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes, of which one goes much deeper than the other.


It had been a fine, golden autumn, a lovely farewell to those who would lose their youth, and some of them their lives, before the leaves turned again in a peacetime fall.


It is flattering to believe that they are too profound to be expressed so clearly that all who run may read, and very naturally it does not occur to such writers that the fault is with their own minds which have not the faculty of precise reflection.



It was what sentimentalists,who deal in very big words,call a yearning after the ideal, and simply means that women are not satisfied until they have husbands and children on whom they may center affections, which are spent elsewhere, as it were, in small change.


1)The many colors of a rainbow range from red on the outside to violet on the inside.


2)He had a disconcerting habit of expressing contradictory ideas in rapid succession.


3)This was an intelligently organized and fervent meeting in a packed Town Hall, with Mr.Strong in the chair.


4)Power can be transmitted over a great distance with practically negligible loss if it is carried by an electric current.


5)The present onslaught of vehicles poses a serious threat to urban life and pedestrian peace of mind.




We will not attack unless we are attacked.


I?ve made proposals,but they proved futile.


If you get beyond your depth,you will suffer.


As you sow,so will you reap.


Smart as a rule,but this time a foo1.


If you have never tasted the bitterness of gall,how can you know the sweetness of honey?

第四章 繁复与简短


1)The time has long passed when they sought comfort in the thought that our economic plans were uealistic and unworkable.



2))Are we disposed to be of the number of those who having eyes,see not,and having ears,hear not,the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?



1)In the doorway lay at least twelve umbrellas of all sizes and colors.


2)There are many wonderful stories to tell about the places I visited and the people I met. 我访问了一些地方,遇到了不少人。要谈起来,奇妙的事儿可多着哩。(比较:关于我所访问的一些地方和遇见的不少人有许多奇妙的故事可以讲。)



The isolation of the rural world because of distance and the 1ack of transport facilities is compounded by the paucity of the information media.



He was at this time in his late fifties,a tall,elegant man with good features and thick dark hair only sufficiently graying to add to the distinction of his appearance.


Somehow our path took us toward the park。across the footbridge high above the rolling waters of the river.


The image of a sudden wall of dark water carrying the man and his car away in an instant is still imprinted on my mind.

第五章 物称与人称


1)From the moment we stepped into the People?s Republic of China, care and kindness surrounded us on every side. (Hewlett and Nowell Johnson:To China at Ninety)


2)Excitement deprived me of all power of utterance.


3)The thick carpet killed the sound of my footsteps.(Joseph:English 3200)


4)The happiness——the superior advantages of the young women round about her, gave

Rebecca inexpressible pangs of envy.(W.Thackeray:Vanity Fair)



6)The little chap?s good—natured honest face won his way for him.


8)No city on American soil had known such destruction.


10)My too great isolating experiences have given me an almost mystical sense of identity with all suffering humanity.




The sight of the big tree always reminds me of my child—hood.


I am very sorry that the pressure of other occupations has prevented me from sending an earlier reply to your 1etter.


My conscience told me that deserved no extraordinary told me that I deserved no extraordinary politeness.


Investigation fathered the baby to him.


A new dignity crept into his steps.


Sleep did not visit him although the silence of a dead world was on the jungle.


A touch of frustration and helplessness comes over me,but a second thought brings me relieved calm.


Xiaomei?s kindly and gentle nature could not but revolt at her friend?s callous behavior.

P110 6)A lack of information and formal educational training had left many persons without any generalized standards of judgment applicable to this novel situation.


7)The combination of this oriental city?s geography and the absence of import taxes has long made Hong Kong the ideal storehouse for transit goods to and from Asia.



4)My hunger and the shadows together tell me that the sun has done much travel since I fell asleep.


5)The characteristics of his family claim some attention from all who would understand Napoleon and the influence which he was to wield over modern Europe.


1)The mastery of a language requires painstaking effort.


2)The best shortcut would still take us five hours to get there.


4)Dusk found the little girl crying in the street.


5)The development of an economical artificial heart is only a few transient failures away. 只稍再经过几次失败,(我们)就能研制出价廉的人工心脏了。


3)My first day in London started with a morning visit to the British Museum.


6)The Western Desert was no place for men without the protection of amour and guns.




A tree is known by its fruit,and a man is known by his actions.


Specialties in colleges and universities should be adjusted and teaching methods improved.


The resistance can be determined provided that the voltage and current are known.


Whenever two objects are rubbed together,electrons are transferred from one object to the other.

第六章 被动与主动


1)My holiday afternoons were spent in ramble about the surrounding country. (Washington Irving)


2)Not only politeness but an attitude of reverence is demanded in church.


3)Language is shaped by, and shapes, human thought.










注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 开头语和结束语已为你写好。

Dear Peter,

How are you doing?

I’m writing to tell you that my uncle Li Ming is going to your city for a conference, and I’ve asked him to bring you the Chinese painting you’ve asked for before.

Also, I’d like you to do me a favor. Would you please meet my uncle at the airport and take him to his hotel since this is his first visit to the U.S.? Thank you in advance!

His flight number is CA985, and it will arrive at 11:30 am, August 6. My uncle is tall and he is wearing glasses. And he will be in a blue jacket.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua



假定你是李华,自制一些中国结(Chinese knot)。给开网店的美国朋友Tom写封信,请他代卖,要点包括:







Dear Tom,

How are you doing? I wonder if you could sell some Chinese knots for me. I made them myself with red silk threads, cloth and other materials. They look really beautiful in the shape of a diamond, about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. In china, these knots stand for friendship, love and good luck. People can either give them as gifts to friends or hang them in their houses. They are only 12.99 US dollars each. If anyone wants to know more about the knots, let them write to me. Also, do let me know if you need further information. Thank you!

Li hua



假定你是李华,自制一些中国结(Chinese knot)。给开网店的美国朋友Tom写封信,请他代卖,要点包括:







Dear Tom,

How are you doing? I wonder if you could sell some Chinese knots for me. I made them myself with red silk threads, cloth and other materials. They look really beautiful in the shape of a diamond, about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. In china, these knots stand for friendship, love and good luck. People can either give them as gifts to friends or hang them in their houses. They are only 12.99 US dollars each. If anyone wants to know more about the knots, let them write to me. Also, do let me know if you need further information. Thank you!

Li hua.


书面表达(共两节,15 分) 第一节 情景作文(20 分)

假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请按照以下四幅图的先后顺序,用英文写一篇周记。记述爸爸出 差期间,妈妈生病,你照顾她的过程。

注意:1. 周记的开头已经为你写好。

2. 词数不少于


Last Monday,

第二节 开放作文(15 分) 请根据下面提示。写一篇作文。词数不少于 50.

You are discussing the following picture with your English friend Jim. Now you are telling him how you understand the picture and what makes you think so.


内容要点:1. 告别2.生病3.照顾. 4.夸奖

Last Monday, my father said goodbye to my mother and me and went on a business trip. He would be away

for three days. Just the next morning, I found my mother wasn’t feeling well.

She had a cold. I immediately

went to get her some medicine and then prepared some noodles for her, with my special care. My mother recovered quickly. When my father came back home, my mother told him what had happened he praised me for what I had done. I feel very happy that I have done something for my mother

第二节 开放作文

I think the picture is telling us that there is usually a difference between one’s dream and reality. People

need to learn to face it. Everyone has his dream, however, it is not so easy for people to realize their dreams

every time. Just like the man in the picture,

instead of the big fish he wishes for. He actually catches a small

one. In my opinion, People need to learn to accept the reality and keep on trying. With another try, they may gain what they dream of.




? 个人的优势介绍(如性格、特长等)

? 组织校内的活动的设想(如举办讲座、英语晚会等)

? 组织校际交流活动的设想(如举办辩论赛、演讲比赛等)

? 表达竞选的愿望。


1. 词数不少于100;

2. 请勿提及真实学校姓名

3. 可适当的加入细节,以使内容充实,行文连贯;

4. 开头、结尾已给出,不计入总词数。


副主席:vice president

竞选: run for

Good afternoon, my dear friends,

Thank you.

Good afternoon, my dear friends,

My name is Li Jin. I feel excited to have the honor of running for vice president of our English Club. I think I am fully qualified for the job.

Firstly, I am easygoing and can communicate with others in English fluently. Secondly, as a dynamic person, I have rich experience in organizing activities, such as English parties and all kinds of lectures. I will make good plans and spare no efforts to do more exchanges with other schools by holding English Speech Competition and debates if I get the chance. If I am lucky enough to be elected, I will make great contributions to serve students and try to make their life more colorful! I sincerely hope you can give me a chance. Thank you!


I. Translation

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.

1. 今年元旦我们玩得很开心。(enjoy)

2. 舅舅昨天寄给我一张卡片,祝贺我18岁生日。(congratulate)

3. 经过多年的建设,这个小镇现在和地震前一样充满了活力。(as...as)

4. 演出以一段五十多岁的人耳熟能详的经典音乐开始。(familiar)

5. 她一看完那个关于已灭绝物种的电视节目,就立志加入野生动物保护组织。(No sooner) II. Guided Writing


My eating habits

I have good eating habits. I always have my meals at right time. I eat enough vegetables every day because they are good for my health. I also drink milk every morning because it can make me strong. I always eat fruit every morning, An apple a day keeps the doctors away. So I’m very healthy.

The rules for school

There are a lot of rules at school. We should go to school on time, we shouldn’t climb trees or pick up flowers in the school garden. We can run in the playground but we shouldn’t run in the classroom. These are the rules for school. We shouldn’t break them.

Have a picnic

It was Children’s Day. My parents and I went to a park to have a picnic. We took a lot of tasty food and drinks. We flew kites and read books there. Then, we sang some songs. We all had a good time.

A visit to a park/ In the park

Today is Sunday, it is sunny. We take a visit to the Century Park. In the park, we can see a lot of beautiful flowers. There are some butterflies on the flowers. They’re flying slowly. The boys have a picnic on the grass and the girls under the tree are drawing some birds in the blue sky. We all have a good time in the park.

The Weather Report

Here’s the weather report.. We had a cloudy day on Sunday and the temperature was 27 degrees. Today is Monday, it’s rainy. The temperature is 23 degrees. It will be rainy on Tuesday too. We will have heavy rain and a strong wind. The temperature is 18 degrees. It will be cold. We should wear warm clothes.

My favourite film

There are many kinds of films. Such as cartoon film, war films, horror films and so on. My favourite films are cartoon films, and I like Toy Story best. It’s about toys have a party in a toy shop. It’s very funny. Do you like it?

Signs in school

There are many signs in our school. In front of our school gate. There is a sing. It means people can’t smoke in the school. Beside the garden, the signs says we can’t pick up the flowers. In the middle of the path. There is also a sign. It means we can’t litter. We should keep our school clean.

Timetable for Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. We have seven classes. There are four classes in the morning. They are English, Chinese, Maths and IT. We have a short break after each class. We have lunch at twelve o’clock and we have a lunch break from 12:30 to 1:10. We have PE, Art and Music in the afternoon. I like Music best because I am good at singing and dancing. I want to be a Music teacher in the future. I like Wednesday.

My favourite weather

The weather report says “It will be snowing tomorrow.” I am very happy. I like snowing. It’s my favourite weather. When it snows, the entire world is white. I like white. We can play happily in snowy days. I like snowy weather very much. What about you?

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is basketball. I always wear a T-shirt to play basketball. I can throw the basketball in the net. I can catch the basketball too. I like to watch basketball games on TV. I want to be a basketball player.

My favourite season

There are four seasons in a year. My favourite season is summer. In summer, it's hot and wet. The flowers are beautiful. The leaves are green. I can go to the beach and swim in the sea. I can eat ice cream too.

My favourite festival

My favourite festival is the Spring Festival. My parents buy me new clothes before the festival. On New Year’s Eve, we have a big dinner together. I can visit my relatives and friends. I can watch colourful fireworks too. I like the Spring Festival.

My family

I have a small family. There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. My father is a worker. My mother is a worker too. I am a student. We are happy. I like my family.

My day

I go to school at seven o’clock every weekday. I usually have seven classes at school. I often go home at half past four in the afternoon. After dinner, I do my homework in the living room. Then, I have a bath and go to bed.

My week

I go to school on weekdays. I often go to the school library on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, I usually go to the Chinese chess club. I go home early on Friday afternoon. At weekends, I go to the park. I always have a good time there.

My favourite food

There is a lot of food in the world. My favourite food is rice. It is small and white. It is soft. It tastes yummy. It smells nice. I like to eat it at noon. It makes me full. I like rice best. Do you like it?

The growth of butterfly

A butterfly is an interesting insect, Do you know it grows? First,it is a white egg. Next,it was a green caterpillar. It had many eggs. And it likes eating leaves.Then, it was a brown cocoon. Finally, it is a beautiful blue butterfly. It can fly.

The weather in Shanghai

Shanghai is in the south of China. In spring, the weather is changeable. Sometimes it's very cold, sometimes it's very warm. In summer, it becomes hotter and hotter. The highest temperature is over 40 degrees. The autumn in Shanghai is very nice.It's neither cold nor hot. The winter in Shanghai isn't very cold.It seldom snows. But most of the children look forward to a white Christmas.x

篇四:【by筱幻】新视野大学英语 读写教程 1 第三版 (U1-U4 translation课文翻译)

Unit 1

① Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who is credited with laying the fundamentals of modern Western philosophy.


② He is a mysterious figure known chiefly through the accounts of later classical writers , especially the writings of his most famous student Plato. 他是一位神秘的人物首先通过大量后来的古典文学家,特别是他最著名的学生柏拉图的笔迹

③ Socrates has become well known for his contribution to the field of ethics . 苏格拉底变得出名因为他对伦理学这个旷野的贡献

④ His method of teaching ,known as the Socratic Method,by asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinging and to explain ideas remains a commonly used tool in a wide range of discussions .


⑤ He also made important and lasting contributions to the field of epistemology and logic ,and the fluence of his ideas and approach remains a strong foundation for Western philosophy that followed .


⑥ Scorates was the most colorful figure in the history of ancient philosophy. 苏格拉底是古代哲学史上最出色的人物

⑦ His fame was widespred in his own time ,and his name soon became a househoid word although he constructed no philosophicai system ,established no school ,and founded no sect.


孔子是中国历史上著名的思想家、教育家,是儒家学派的创始人,被尊为古代的圣人。他的言论和生平活动记录在论语一书中。论语是中国古代文化的经典著作,对后来历代的思想家、文学家、政治家产生了很大影响。不研究论语,就不能真正把握中国几千年的传统文化。孔子的很多思想,尤其是其教育思想,对中国社会产生了深远的影响。在21世纪的今天,孔子的学说不仅受到中国人的重视,而且也越来越受到整个国际社会的重视。 Confucius was a great thinker and educator in Chinese history. He was the founder of Confucianism and was respectfully referred to as an ancient "sage". His words and life story were recorded in The Analects. An enduring classic of ancient Chinese culture, The Analects has had a great influence on the thinkers, writers, and statesmen that came after Confucius. Without studying this book, one could hardly truly understand

the thousands-of-years' traditional Chinese culture. Much of Confucius' thought, especially his thought on education, has had a profound influence on Chinese society. In the 21st century, Confucian thought not only retains the attention of the Chinese, but it also wins an increasing attention from the international community.

Unit 2

① Christmas is a widely observed cultural holiday, celebrated on December 25 by millions of people around the world. 圣诞节是一个被广泛庆祝的文化节日,全世界有许 许多多的人在12月25日庆祝这一节日。 ② It commemorates (纪念) the birth of Jesus Christ.它是为了纪念耶稣基督的诞辰。

③ The festival dated from as early as 336 AD. Gradually it evolved into a religious as well as secular celebration, celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians.该节日最早可追溯到公园336 年。渐渐地,这一节日演变为一个既是宗教又是非 宗教的节日,越来越多的非基督徒也庆祝圣诞节。

④ Today Christmas is observed as an important festival and public holiday around the world.如今,圣诞节在全球被作为一个重大的节日和公共假日来庆祝。

⑤ Christmas customs differ in different countries.不同国家的圣诞节习俗也各不相同。

⑥ Popular modern customs of the holiday include an exchange of Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas singing, church attendance, the display of various Christmas decorations and trees, family gatherings, and a special meal preparation. 现代流行的圣诞节风俗包括交换圣诞贺卡和圣诞礼 物、唱圣诞歌曲、参加教堂活动、摆放各种圣诞装饰品和圣诞树、举行家庭聚会以及准备一顿特别的大餐。

⑦ To small children, the festival is full of fantasy and surprise. 对小孩们来说,这个节日充满了幻想和惊喜。

⑧ Legend has it that Santa Claus will enter each house through the chimney and bring gifts to well-behaved children on Christmas Eve.据传说,圣诞老人会在圣诞夜从烟囱进入每户人家,给乖巧听话的孩子带来礼物。

⑨ Because giftgiving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival heighten economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has also become a significant event and a key sales period for business.由于圣诞节送礼物以及许多其他方面推动了基督徒和非基督徒的经济活动,圣诞节也因此成为商家的一个重大活动和主要销售季。


According to the Chinese lunar calendar, August 15 of every year is a traditional chinese festival- the Mid-Autumn Festival. This day is the middle of autumn, so it is called Mid-Autumn . One of the important Mid-Autumn Festival activities is to enjoy the moon. On that night, people gather together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, looking up at the bright moon and eating mooncakes. The festival is also a time for family reunion. People living far away from home will express their feelings of missing their hometowns and families at this festival. There are many customs to celebrate the festival, all expressing people’s love and hope for a happy life. Since 2008, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an official national holiday in China.

Unit 3

① The London Underground is a rapid transit(交通运输系统) system in the United Kingdom, serving a large part of Greater London.伦敦地铁是英国的一个快速交通运输系统,服务于大伦敦的大部分地区。

② The underground system is also known as the Tube, due to the characteristic shape of the subway tunnels.地铁系统因其地铁隧道的典型形状也被称为地下管道。

③ It all started in the mid-1800s. The Tube was the world’s first underground train system, with the first section opening in 1863.伦敦地铁始建于19世纪中期,是世界上最早的地下铁路系统。它的第一段地铁于1863年开始运营。

④ Since then it has grown to an underground masterpiece(杰作) of 12 lines, 275 stations, and over 250 miles of rail track, 45% of which is underground.自此,伦敦地铁不断延伸,发展成为一个包括12条线路、275个车站、铁轨总长超过250英里的地铁杰作,其中有45%在地下运行。 ⑤ It is the fourth largest metro system in the world in terms of route miles.It also has one of the largest numbers of stations.就路线长度而言,它是世界上第四大地铁系统,也是车站数量最多的地铁系统之一。 ⑥ As an affordable and easy way to get around London, the Tube remains the first choice for millions of commuters each day, as well as tourists visiting the city on holidays.作为一个走遍伦敦的经济便捷的途径,伦敦地铁一向是每天数百万通勤者以及在节假日游历伦敦首选。

⑦ The Tube has been an international icon for London. The London Underground celebrated its 150 years of operation in 2013, with various events marking the milestone(里程碑).


中国航天业开创于1956年,几十年来,中国航天事业创造了一个又一个奇迹。1970年,中国成功发射了第一颗人造地球卫星,成为世界上第五个独立自主研制和发射人造地球卫星的国家。1992年,中国开始实施载人航天飞行工程(manned spaceflight program)。2003年,中国成功发射了“神舟五号”载人飞船,使中国成为第三个发射载人飞船的国家。2007年发射了“嫦娥一号”,即第一颗绕月球飞行(lunar-orbiting)的人造卫星。2013年,第五艘载人飞船“神舟十号”发射成功,为中国空间站的建设打下了基础。

China’s space industry was launched in1956. Over the past decades, China’s space industry has created one miracle after another. In 1970 China launched its first man-made earth satellite, ranking China the fifth country in the world to independently develop and launch man-made earth satellites. In 1992 China began to carry out the manned spaceflight program. In 2003 China launched Shenzhou-5, a manned spaceship. The successful launch made China the third country to launch manned spaceships. In 2007 Chang’e-1, the first lunar-orbiting man-made satellite, was sent to space. In 2013 Shenzhou-10, the fifth manned spaceship, was launched successfully, laying the foundation for building the Chinese Space Station.

Unit 4

⑧ 作为通过中国游历亚洲的首批欧洲人之一,马可波罗可能是中国人最熟知的外国商人和航海家。As one of the first Europeans to travel across Asia through China, Marco Polo is perhaps the most well-known foreign merchant and voyager to the Chinese people.

⑨ 从1271年到1295年,他和他的家人游历广泛,遍及欧洲和亚洲。He traveled extensively (广泛地) with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295.

⑩ 期间,他在中国留居了17年。He remained in China for 17 of those years. ? 他的著作《马可波罗游记》描述了他游历亚洲的旅程,让欧洲人首次全面领略了包括中国、印度和日本在内的远东地区的情况。His book The Travels of Marco Polo depicts his journeys throughout Asia, giving Europeans their first comprehensive look into the Far East, including China, India, and Japan.

? 从他的文字叙述中,西方人第一次了解到瓷器、煤炭、火药、印刷术、纸币

以及丝绸。From his written accounts the Westerners learned of porcelain, coal, gunpowder, printing, paper money, and silk for the first time.

? 在15世纪末和16世纪欧洲发现与征服的大航海时代,马可波罗所记录的大量新的地理信息得到了广泛使用。The wealth of new geographic information recorded by Polo was widely used in the late 15th and the 16th centuries during the age of the European voyages of discovery and conquest (征服)。

? 在他去世的这个几个世纪里,马可波罗获得了他在有生之年未曾获得的赞誉。In the centuries since his death, Marco Polo has received the recognition that failed to come his way during his lifetime.

? 马可波罗的故事鼓舞了其他无数的探险者去踏上征程,发现世界。Marco Polo’s story has inspired countless other adventurers to set off and see the world.

郑和是中国历史上最著名的航海家(maritime explorer)。公元1405年,明朝的统治者为了稳固边防(border defense)和开展海上贸易,派郑和下西洋(the Western Sea)。在此后的28年里,郑和带领船队七下西洋,前后出海的人员有10多万人,访问了30多个国家和地区。船队纵横南亚、西亚,一直到非洲大陆。郑和下西洋是世界航海(navigation)史上的壮举,它展现了郑和卓越的航海和组织才能,同时展现了明朝的国力和国威(national strength and prestige), 加强了明朝和海外各国之间的关系。

Zheng He was the most famous maritime explorer in Chinese history. In 1405 AD, the ruler of the Ming Dynasty sent Zheng He on a voyage to the Western Seas in order to strengthen border defense and develop trade by sea. In the following 28 years, Zheng He led his fleet, made seven voyages to the Western Seas with over 100,000 crew members in total, and visited more than 30 countries and regions. The fleet traveled far into South Asia and West Asia, and made all the way to the continent of Africa. Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas were a great feat in the world’s navigation history. It showed Zheng He’s outstanding navigation and organization talents; meanwhile, it exhibited the national strength and prestige of the Ming Dynasty, and strengthened the relationships between the Ming Dynasty and the overseas countries.



The Doctrine of the Mean is the core ofConfucianism. The so-called “mean” by Confuciusdoesn’t mean “compromise” but a “moderate”and “just-right” way when understanding andhandling objective things. Confucius advocatedthat this thought should not only be treated as away to understand and deal with things but alsobe integrated into one’s daily conduct to makeit a virtue through self-cultivation and training.

The Doctrine of the Mean is not only the core ofConfucianism but also an important componentof traditional Chinese culture. From the time itcame into being to the present, it has played aninvaluable role in the construction of nationalspirit, the transmission of national wisdom, and the development of national culture.

(来自:www.zaidian.cOm 在 点 网:earlyautumn续写)中庸思想是儒家思想的重要内容。孔子所谓的“中”不是指“折中”,而是指在认识和处理客观事物时的一种“适度”和“恰如其分”的方法。孔子主张不仅要把这种思想作为一种认识和处理事物的方法来看待,而且还通过自身修养和锻炼,把它融入自己的日常行为当中,使之成为一种美德。中庸思想是儒家思想的核心,也是中国传统文化的重要组成部分。从它形成到现在,一直为民族精神的构建、民族智慧的传播、民族文化的发展发挥着不可估量的作用。


The four great classic Chinese novels are Romanceof the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh,journey to the West and A Dream of Red Mansions.All the four novels were written during the periodfrom the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties tothe Qing Dynasty. They all reflect various aspectsof ancient China, including political and

militarystrife, social conflicts and cultural beliefs. Thefour novels are of supreme artistic standards,representing the peak of China’s classic novels. Lots of the characters and scenes in the books areWell-known in China and have exerted profoundinfluences on the ideology and values of the entirenation. Highly valuable for the research of China’sancient customs, feudal system, and social life, thefour classic novels are precious cultural relics ofChina as well as the human society as a whole. 中国的四大名著是指《三国演义》《水浒传》《西游记》《红楼梦》四部著名小说。它们的创作时间均处于元末明初至清代期间,其内容反映了中国古代的政治和军事斗争、社会矛盾、文化信仰等各个方面。四大名著具有很高的艺术水平,代表了中国古典小说的高峰。书中的许多人物和场景在中国家喻户晓,并且已深深地影响了整个民族的思想观念和价值取向。四本著作在中国古代民俗、封建制度、社会生活等多个领域皆有巨大的研究价值,是中国乃至全人类的宝贵文化遗产。


In recent years, with the rapid development ofInternet technology, the Internet economy hasbecome a hot issue. As represented by the promisingE-commerce, the Internet economy has become astrong driving force for the economic development. Our government attaches great importance todeveloping the Internet-economy and proposes the concept of “Internet Plus”, aiming to integratethe Internet with other industries, such as healthcare, transportation, education, finance, and publicservice. This will create great potential and broadprospects for the development of the Interneteconomy. With the implementation of the“InternetPlus” strategy, the Internet is certain to be integratedwith more traditional industries and help build “theupgraded

version of the Chinese economy”.



Suzhou gardens are the most outstandingrepresentatives of classical Chinese gardens.

Most of them were privately-owned. The gardensfirst appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period,developed in the Song and Yuan dynasties, andflourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Bythe late Qing Dynasty, Suzhou had got as manyas over 170 gardens of diverse styles, Winning itthe name “The City of Gardens”. Now, over 60gardens are kept in good condition, of which morethan 10 are Open to the public. The Surging WavePavilion, the Lion Grove Garden, the HumbleAdministrator’s Garden and the Lingering Gardenare called the four most famous gardens in Suzhourepresenting the artistic styles of the Song, Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties respectively.Suzhougardens are assemblies of residences and gardens,which makes them suitable places for living, visitingand appreciating. The architectural principles of lthe gardens are a demonstration of the lifestylesand social customs of the ancient Chinese peoplein the south of the Lower Yangtze River. Suzhougardens are not only

a product of Chinese historyand culture, but also a carrier of traditional Chinese ideology and culture.In 1997,Suzhou gardens were inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.



Chinese civilization once had a significant influenceon world civilization. With the development of ourcountry’s economy and the rise of her internationalstatus in recent years, Chinese culture, which hasa long history, is once again attracting globalattention. More and more Chinese cultural elementsprovide inspiration for and become popular subjectsof fashions, literature and movies around the world.

This shows that the world needs Chinese culture. Itwas in this context that China decided to implementthe “Culture Exporting” strategy so as to enhanceher cultural exchanges with the rest of the world.

After several years’ efforts, great achievements havebeen made in this respect. “Culture Exporting” hasgreatly promoted the development of our culturalindustries. It is becoming an effective approachthrough which China enhances her national

imageand comprehensive strength.



Boao Forum for Asia (BPA) is a non-governmental,non-profit international organization. Initiated by25 Asian countries and Australia, it was officiallyfounded in 2001. The organization is headquarteredin Boao Town in China’s Hainan Province. Withequality, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win as its objectives, EPA is devoted to promoting

economic exchanges, coordination and cooperationbetween Asian countries as well as enhancingdialogs and ties between Asia and other parts of theworld. The forum provides a high-level platformwhere governments, businesses and scholars fromrelevant countries discuss Asian and global affairs.

Through further regional economic cooperation,BFA will facilitate the realization of Asian countries’goals and contribute to a new Asia that boastsgreater prosperity, stability and peace.